It was always Ellis’ biggest wish to inspire others to discover their own personal way how to use the products that she created. This is why after her passing, ELLIS FAAS has embarked on a series of collaborations with makeup artists who definitely have their own visual language, and who want to pass on whatever inspires them. Each collaboration aims to give you ideas how use your ELLIS FAAS products, inspire you to play around and discover your own sense of style. There are no rules, so just play around and have fun. “It’s only makeup”, Ellis used to say, “if you don’t like the result, you just take it off and start again.”

Please be inspired by these professionals using ELLIS FAAS products:
current collaboration:
Maria Olsson (Sweden/France)

previous collaborations:
Kate Mur (Russia)
Sandra Govers (the Netherlands)
Silvia dell’Orto (Italy)

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