“The concept of water personifies everything I felt when preparing for this shoot,” Sandra explains. “Quite literally because the ELLIS FAAS products are mostly liquid textures that become one with the human body that for the largest part consists of water. Also because Ellis herself felt an immense connection to water. But especially because to me water is change: the changing world, changes because Ellis is not here any longer, changes for her brand. But water will always be a constant. It evaporates, so it is transient, but then comes back as rain, so it also symbolises rebirth. Water is tears, but also positivity. Water is vulnerable, but also strong enough to support a cruise ship. It is sensuality, intimacy, opening up and trying to connect…”

Ellis taught me how I still approach makeup, when she said "Makeup is poetry: it doesn’t have to be beautiful, it has to feel beautiful."

Sandra's set

Creamy Eyes E118

Lights E301

Creamy Eyes E124

Eyeliner E501

Glazed Lips L305

Sandra Govers for ELLIS FAAS