ELLIS FAAS Professionals Programme

ELLIS FAAS Professionals Programme

The ELLIS FAAS Professionals Discount is available to a range of professionals who use makeup in their work: bridal and other private-clients artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, models, performers/on-air talent, beauty press, manicurists (agency-represented), agents, fashion/costume designers, photographers...

How to apply:
- step one: please confirm or create an account on ELLISFAAS.com
- step two: gather the needed information listed underneath
- step three: send an email via this link, and attach the appropriate documentation 

Documents accepted as proof of profession:
Any one of the following:
- Screenshot of your name and portfolio within your agency’s website
- Union card
- Cosmetologists or Estheticians license
- Publication Masthead

Or any two of the following:
- Editorial page with name credit
- Program or press material with name and profession
- Professional website
- Social media page with profession as primary focus, at least 1000 followers and 2% engagement ( at ELLIS FAAS discretion)
- Certificate/diploma
- Call sheet on production company letterhead

All required professional identification must be current (issued within prior 12 months) and indicate your name and specific profession. Non-agency comp cards and business cards are NOT accepted.