ELLIS FAAS Artists programme

ELLIS FAAS Artists programme

The ELLIS FAAS 40% Artists Discount is available for editorial professionals, film & television colleagues and celebrity makeup artists.
Besides the discount, approved artists will also be invited to join a private Facebook page connecting makeup artists from around the world! Through that page we will also keep you updated about confidential ELLIS FAAS news before anyone else get it, and run occasional, exclusive sales deals.

How to apply:
- step one: please confirm or create an account on ELLISFAAS.com
- step two: gather the needed information listed underneath
- step three: send an email via this link, and attach the appropriate documentation

Documents accepted as proof of profession:
Any one of the following:
- Screenshot of your name and portfolio within your agency’s website
- Union card
- Publication Masthead

Or any two of the following:
- Editorial page with name credit
- Programme or press material with name and profession
- Professional website
- Social media page with profession as primary focus, at least 1000 followers and 2% engagement (at ELLIS FAAS discretion)
- Certificate/diploma
- Call sheet on production company letterhead

All required professional identification must be current (issued within prior 12 months) and indicate your name and specific profession. Non-agency comp cards and business cards are NOT accepted.