How do I take off the cap of the pen? First note that the mascara-cap comes off by turning it like a regular mascara, so please do NOT try to pull off the mascara-cap or you will break off the wand! All other caps come off by pulling them.

The brush of the pen feels hard, can I use it nevertheless? Of course: when the brush is still new, please be sure to first soften it in the palm of your hand. If you have used the product and it has become a bit hard, make sure that the brush is flexible before using it again – if not, please clean it.

How do I get the product out of the pen? That depends on the product: 1) the mascara is by turning off the cap and then pulling out the wand; 2) for the Skin Veil, you pump the back of the cartridge with your thumb; 3) for all other pens you get out the product by turning the base of the pen clockwise.

How does the Skin Veil pen work? In the Skin Veil box, you will find an empty pen with two cartridges.
Turn off the black lid from one of the cartridges and discard.
Place the cartridge inside the pen and turn until it sets. The second cartridge is for use when the first one is finished.

How many times do I have to turn the base of the pen until the product comes out? If you have used the pen before, only a few clicks should be sufficient – if you have not used the pen for a while, do not continue to turn, but first clean the applicator (see underneath) to make sure it is not clogged, and then try again. If the pen has not been used before, turn the base clockwise, just until you notice the substance coming into the applicator. 
THE FIRST TIME THIS MIGHT TAKE A WHILE! As soon as you see the substance appearing, please wait half a minute to let the product saturate the applicator and then click an extra time to get enough product to use.

I used the product before, but now when I click the base, nothing comes out. Should I keep on turning? NO! Stop turning, because otherwise you build up too much pressure. First clean the applicator and the try again.

Should I ever clean the applicator? Absolutely. Not only is it advisable from a hygienic point of view, but it also makes it easier for the emulsions coming through the applicator. Especially if you don’t use the products regularly, the product in the applicator may dry. So to prevent clogging, do keep your brushes clean!

How do I clean the brushes? Wash the brush with a bit of soft soap and wash away under a running tap.

How do I clean the sponge-like applicator? Wash the applicator with a bit of soft soap and wash away under a running tap. A different way to clean this applicator is by putting some regular makeup-brush cleanser on a piece of cotton wool, and clean.

I don’t see a box around my powder. Shouldn’t there be one? No, the Powder comes in a refill and is especially designed to fit into either the cap of the Ellis Holder or into the Ellis Case. Tear off the adhesive tape of the round sticker underneath, so the powder is tightly secured in the powder compartment. The provided powder puff has two sides. One side is velvety, meant to apply the powder, the other side is a sponge to either apply the powder or to fade the foundation. If needed wash the puff with soap and water.

How does the Ellis Holder work? The Holder can fit a maximum of six normal Ellis Faas pens, one foundation pen and a compact powder.
To open the powder compartment with mirror, carefully open the lid on the top part.
To open the pen compartment, pull off the whole top of the Holder.
Make sure the caps are tightly fitted onto your pens, and insert them into the Holder, pointed side down.
To use the Holder, keep it upright and turn the base clockwise to make the pens come up individually.

Do you test products or ingredients on animals? No, of course not!!! We only choose factories who guarantee us that they haven’t done any animal testing since 1990, so way before it became a law. So that’s we are saying Only Tested On Supermodels ®

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can always email it to info [at] ellisfaas [dot] com.