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War Child 2017 Shirt Kids 7-8

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  • War Child 2017 Shirt Kids 7-8
  • War Child 2017 Shirts for kids - All net profit going to War Child
  • Type

    Kids t-shirt with the Make Up Not War 2017 visual printed on white fair-wear, organic cotton.

  • Size

    For 7 to 8 year olds: chest 38 cm / 15 inch

  • Campaign description

    During the summer of 2017, the ELLIS FAAS campaign Make Up Not War is raising money for War Child - the international organisation that protects and supports children affected by armed conflict. To increase awareness about Make Up Not War AND get in extra donations for War Child, we have created three types of fair-wear t-shirts made from organic cotton. ELLIS FAAS will donate all 100% of the net profits to War Child, who for each shirt sold can help a child for 1,5 months.